Sunday, November 4, 2007

Climbing Hybrid Musk rose 'Sally Holmes'

We bought a couple of these climbing Hybrid Musk roses last week, to replace the Clematis paniculata which I dug up because it was getting to be a bit unruly and had the fault of only a short bloom time.

Though the rose appears to be a soft peach in bud and early bloom stage the mature flower becomes almost pure white with no hint of peach. One of the plants had a mature white flower on it when I bought the roses but the other had a peach bud so I thought they mislabeled the pot but soon realized it was the same flower when it opened fully. They are still blooming at this late date but then, we still haven't had a killing frost and the all the roses seem to like the cool weather.


DeeMom said...


Vanillalotus said...

What a beautiful rose. I like the peachy tone it has to it. Does it turn into white as it matures or just bam opens and it's white. I hope it performs good for you.

Ki said...

Thanks, DeeMom.


Unfortunately the peachy color doesn't last long VanillaLotus. The color does change almost instantaneously. Some of the white flowers have a small reddish pink spot near the petal tips. I hope it does well too because it has to cover an ugly pile of wood the former owner used to shore up a steep slope. If that doesn't work, I may plant some morning glory vines to hide the rotting wood.