Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ginkgo biloba, Maiden Hair tree, leaf


jodi said...

Beautiful photo of ginkgo leaf,Ki. I should have taken the photo of one I saw last weekend at the Acadia gardens where we had our photo workshop; but I was running out of light. Maybe this weekend, if the leaves aren't all brown. Aren't they wonderful how they hold the light?

Ki said...

Hi Jodi,
There's a street nearby that's lined with Ginkos. The yellow leaves in fall are an incredible sight. I believe ginkos drop their leaves before they turn brown so hopefully you'll be able to get a photo of it. Btw I love your photos so I hope you get a shot of the trees so we can see it on your site. Unfortunately the one we bought turns only a celery green before all the leaves drop. ;(

DeeMom said...

This another tree I want to plant here

A wildlife gardener said...

Great photo. I can only see this tree in our Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Come and help me celebrate my first blogging year and see the sweet little creature who came to visit me :)

Ki said...

Hi Deemom,
Just make sure the leaves turn bright yellow in the fall. Ours doesn't. It only becomes a light greenish yellow and the leaves drop. ;(


Hello Wildlife Gardener,
Is the ginko not hardy enough for the zone where you live? We had guests staying with us until the earlier part of this week so I'm just catching up on reading other blogs. I will surely come by to see what's up at your site and a hearty congratulations on your first blog birthday!!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Ginkgo leaves in the fall are so beautiful!

Ki said...

Hi Iowa gardening woman,
I've noticed there seems to be two types of ginkos. We unfortunately have the kind that doesn't turn completely yellow before dropping it's leaves. The leaf pictured was picked up in the parking lot of our local health food store. But the shape of the leaves are so unique and beautiful any ginko is worth having in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by.

MrBrownThumb said...

Pretty cool.

I've wanted a Ginko for a long time but for some reason I've never gotten up to actually find one or some seeds to start. As has been mentioned already the foliage is amazing.

Ki said...

Mr. Brown thumb,
If you buy a ginkgo, make sure the leaves turn yellow in the fall. As I mentioned previously, we bought a ginkgo that turns lime green and all the leaves fall off in a day or two.