Sunday, June 1, 2008

Penstemon Navigator series

This is a carefree perennial dwarf Penstemon which grows very vigorously. We bought many at a $.50 clearance sale to see if they would rebloom which they did. It bloomed very nicely last year and are really putting on a show this year having grown to 2 to 5 times their original size.


joco said...

Hiya Ki,

(Feel free to wipe this comment on moderation.)
I keep telling myself: "Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's penstemon", but it doesn't help.

Is this one the Cascade Penstemon by any chance? (P. serrulata').

And all that for 25 UK pence. Not fair. Mine is hopeless and was 36 times that, and has had 2 tiny flowers so far. I didn't even have a chance to photograph them.
Come and visit, I feel terribly unread and it is getting to me.

Ki said...

Hi Joco,
I believe they are not the same. The Cascade Penstemon is a serrulata and the Navigator a barbatus.

The regular price was $2.99 each if memory serves. These were so cheap because there were no flowers left on the plants so it was difficult to determine what you were actually getting. We took a chance and bought dozens of plants which turned out to be a wonderful deal.

I will stop by for a visit hopefully soon. I need to do a lot of catching up.