Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 poppies

This is a field poppy we bought in a wild flower seed mix. Of the original flowers in the mix this is the only one that reseeded every year for 5 years.

The first of the California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) to bloom this year. Of the two flowers blooming now they both look like the common yellow orange California poppies despite my buying a mixed color 'Thai Silk' seed packet. I guess the crenelated folding of the petals is supposed to resemble silk cloth?


Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

joco said...

It isn't quite the original Californian version, is it?
That is always so strikingly smooth. So you did get your money's worth with the Thai crinkled one after all.

We are seeing red poppy fields all over the place now. Lovely. In a little while there will be totally blue fields here and there, with flax and it makes the countryside very cheerful.

Ki said...

Thanks Berto xxx.


Hi Joco,
I love flax too and we did have some last year also from the same mixed wildflower seed packet but it didn't come up this year :(

On picture on the Thai Silk packet showed flowers with mostly reds and pinks and white with nary a common yellow one in sight so that's why I'm disappointed.

joco said...

Ki, throw this out when read, as it doesn't fit in with the post: Do you have Deutzia shrubs in your garden? If so, are you au fait with their names? I am struggling a bit. Confused to say the least.

Ki said...

I'm afraid I'm not current with the different varieties of Deutzias. I saw 'Nikko' at a local nursery and thought it looked quite nice so I bought it. So far it's more of a sprawler but is just what we needed in a particular site. Sorry I can't help more than that.

joco said...
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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful photos as usual. I love the reseeding poppies.