Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dwarf Japanese Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum 'humile'

I bought this tiny Solomon's Seal 'humile' (for humility?) at our Master Gardner's sale last year. I thought I lost it because it was slow in appearing this spring but it came back with great vigor and has spread at least 2 times it's original size. The plant is about 8" tall. Chris of Digital Flower Pictures told me they were very hardy even if planted in shade and would spread and eventually cover a large area so I may use it as a ground cover under some birches.


Ki said...

I'm sorry I accidentally deleted the comment about "humble"-low to the ground and worms denuding ivy in a seven year cycle.

We've never had trouble with our regular Polygonatum falling over but being built close to the ground like 'humile' would be a good choice if you have that problem with yours.

I don't have any ivy so I don't know about worms eating the leaves. I've seen ivy around the neighborhood and it seems to be robust and unaffected by pests.

Thank you for the comment and sorry I deleted it. Please post it again if it's not too much trouble.

joco said...


Not inch worms eating the ivy, but denuding the Solomon's seal in seven year cycles.

The lowly version makes a nice clump, but loses some of its grace of the longer flower stems.

Ki said...

Hi Joco,
Our oldest Polygonatums are about 5 years old and so far we have not had problems with worms. I should ask our Extension agent if she has any knowledge of worms attacking Solomon's seal plants.

joco said...

Hiya ki,
Only another two years to wait then ;-)

BTW, what is an Extension agent?

And on a different note, have you seen any evidence in your garden of the bug that is attacking my vast Lupin colony: orange and black, about 7 mm long, very quick and apparently known as the 'phlox bug' in the US: Lopida davisi, so far only known for attacking phlox, but I don't have any phlox, so it is making do with my lupins.