Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Acer Japonicum 'Otaki'

This maple is different from the ones we normally call Japanese maple, the Acer Palmatums. It belongs with the other A. Japonicums such as the 'Full Moon' and 'Mai Kujaku' (dancing peacock) maples from Japan. Though not quite a beautiful as either of the ones mentioned above, it is vigorous and handsome in it's own right.

The deer have eaten the new shoots of my 'Full Moon' maple so it's barely surviving and browsed the 'Mai Kujaku' so heavily it died. But the 'Otaki' remains unmolested. I don't know if the rough textured leaves make it less palatable or if it's just lucky happenstance they missed it but the little foot tall tree I bought as a 1 year graft has grown to more than 5 feet tall in 3 years.


babisablas said...

you hae done a great work here..and trully awesome pictures!!well done..

Ki said...

Hello Babisablas,
Thank you. I appreciate your generous comments. Unfortunately I don't read Greek so I was not able read your blog. Perhaps I will try with Babelfish. Thanks again.

DeeMom said...


Need to take pictures of ours... BUT

been hectic here

I have been away from the PC for several days because our new puppies developed PARVO.
I did not want to post sad news, NOW there is POSITIVE NEWS on our Pups.

Now you know why I have not been to your blogs…
We will take a few more days to recoup and then be back with hopefully fabulous pictures of the puppies looking soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

Happy Memorial Day to all have a extraordinary weekend with family and friends

Ki said...

Hi Dee Mom,
Sorry to hear your pups are sick. I hope they are on their way to recovery. I've heard of parvo but don't know what it is. Some kind of virus isn't it?

Thanks for loyally checking on this blog.

joco said...

Hiya ki,

That is a pity, losing those precious maples to deer hunger.

Is your circumference too large to put up a deer fence? The garden, I mean ;-)

They have eaten my every last rosebud in our chalk garden, and I was so looking forward to the Rosa 'Handel' this year.

Thank you for the lovely BD comment: Second comment of the past few years that got printed and framed. (I need my little bits of encouragement....).

Ki said...

Hey Joco,
I think I estimated it would cost about $10,000 to fence the back 2/3 of the property where most of the deer browsing damage occurs. This is complicated by a swale which is also an easement. So some kind of gate would have to be constructed on either end of essentially a 5 feet deep by 20 feet wide glorified ditch. Needless to say we will not fence the backyard.

The deer sure love the roses we planted on the side of the swale. They gave the HomeRun an almost to the ground pruning last fall. Thankfully the roses are very hardy and responded by putting out many new shoots this spring one of which is already blooming.

Eloquence in not my forte and my words hardly fit for framing but I am touched. Thanks for visiting.