Wednesday, June 20, 2007

White clover


DeeMom said...

Lovely shot.
Did bring to mind after you blogged the red clover the child’s game; Red Rover, Red Rover send… Over. ;)

Ki said...

Thanks deemom. I remember our elementary school banning Red Rover when I was in the third grade because too many kids were getting hurt when the runner hurled themselves against the arms of the weakest link in the chain! I think one of the kids got frightened when the runner was about to fling himself on her arm and released her grip just before the hit. The runner went thumping into the ground. Unfortunately Red rover and Dogdgeball were our favorites which they also banned because some of the stronger boys were beaning kids in the head or throwing so hard that they knocked smaller kids off their feet. Fun times though. Actually when I think back, a lot of our games were pretty rough then. It's amazing we survived.