Thursday, June 14, 2007

Red clover

Presented to look like a large flower the common red clover blossom can surely rival any ornamental flower? Please click the photo for an enlargement.


DeeMom said...

As kids we would suck the nectar from Red clover and Honeysuckle but always early in the morning before the bees got to it.

Fond memories of making clover chains! Once we made one that surrounded my parents house…was more fun than mowing.

Take two clovers, then tie one clover's stem at the top (right under the three leaves or four leaves) of the other clover's stem. Repeat this and it will make a chain! You can use this as a necklace or a crown!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love the smell of clover, we just returned from taking the dogs for a long walk around a nearby pond, while driving there and back I noticed all the beautiful red clover in bloom along the interstate.

Ki said...

Hi deemom,
You've awoken long ago memories.
I feel sorry for kids nowadays, cooped up in the house playing video games, or on the phone constantly. I remember being around plants, flowers and animals as far back as I can remember. Catching bees in tubular shaped flowers by folding the petals behind them and getting stung a number of times. Or sucking the nectar out of more than one type of flower...good thing we didn't do that with oleander. Or getting the black seed of the wild Four o'clocks, breaking them open and using the white powderlike substance to paint our face.

You certainly were industrious as a kid. And you certainly had an abundant supply of clover to make a chain that went completely around the house! Thanks for the memories.

Iowa gardening woman,
We have white clover in our lawn which I have been battling. But I saw the red clover in a water retention basin when walking our dog. I hadn't seen red clover in some time so I didn't remember how much bigger and taller it grew than the weedy white. It is quite a striking plant imo. Not coming from a farm background I don't know what freshly mown clover smells like.

snappy said...

Both Clovers red and white grow here wild.The white is compact to the ground.You can appreciate the red clover beautifully.I could never photograph it that well.Great picture.You can find beauty even in the common place they people overlook :)

Ki said...

Hi Snappy,
We have the white ones too, especially in the lawn making it difficult to get rid of. I just heard on the radio that we should keep the white clove in the lawn as it enriches the soil with nitrogen. But it is a bit unsightly.

I am learning to appreciate the plants that grow in abandoned and waste spaces. I am finding that using macro photography even the small or seemingly insignificant can be interesting or as beautiful as the larger ones we are acustomed to seeing as ornatmentals.

Thanks for the compliment and for your comment.