Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I think these lupines came in a box of wildflower seeds because I don't remember planting any where they are located. The seeds were planted many years ago but the flowers still appear every year.


DeeMom said...

Fabulous photography! Very eye appealing!

Ki said...

Thanks, deemom. Lupines are just great. I love even the new shoots coming up in spring. We finally bought a more colorful selection of the Woodfield hybrids but it may be next year before they bloom. No sighn of any flower stalks yet. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love lupines but they do not do well for me in Iowa, I think it is because my soil is sandy.

Beautiful photos.

Ki said...

Hi Iowa gardening woman,
I would gladly trade you our clay for your black loam. I thought that loam could grow just about anything?

Thank you for the kind comment.

Ewa said...

Hello KI,
beautiful picture of lupines.
am I right or mistaken, that there is something sitting on the stone on the left - frog or lizard?

Ki said...

Hello Ewa,
I didn't notice the object on the stones in the picture before but I think it's a large piece of shredded bark in some water. Looks a bit like a frog though, doesn't it? I wish it were a toad or lizard but I've never seen either in all the years we lived here. :(

Thank you for your kind comment.