Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hibiscus trionum, Flower-of-an-Hour

A weed but a nice weed so we let it grow. Funny but it only grows in our yard. I never see them in the neighbors' weed filled beds or in other waste areas. The flower is short lived - only a day but the plant has numerous buds so several are blooming at any one day. The flower is small not more than a couple of inches in diameter.

The two bottom pictures are of the seedpod which is as interesting as the flower in my opinion.


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Thanks! DeeMom

A wildlife gardener said...

Very beautiful..and new to the seedpod :)

Ki said...

Sorry I'm so late in replying A wildlife gardener. I've been so busy and I haven't posted many pictures lately so I only saw your comment when I finally uploaded some new photos. Thank you for visiting.

The seedpod of the H. trionum is quite beautiful but mostly goes unnoticed because the color is almost the same as the leaves.