Monday, October 15, 2007

Small yellow tan mushroom

Fringed Tubaria? The distinct border at the edge of the cap and the dark colored stems (the same color as the border) don't look like any mushroom in my field guide book. Several have almost the same color but no sharply demarcated edge border so I don't know what it is.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Mushrooms are so interesting. I have been thinking I need to take a walk in the woods and look for interesting mushrooms but we have not had a killing frost yet and the bugs are still thick.

Great photo!

Vanillalotus said...

I know nothing about mushrooms. This one looks like cheese to me, ha! I'll have to look in the mushroom book I have and see if anything looks similar in there. Mushrooms are so interesting and mystical probably just because of their association with fairies. Did you find any underneath that mushroom?

Ki said...

Hi Iowa Gardening Woman,
Especially interesting if you can find morels for the pot. I guess morels are spring mushrooms though. It is nice that we haven't had a killing frost too so the annuals are still doing well. Watch out for deer ticks!


Hi Vanilla Lotus,
No wee people under the mushrooms :( I went on a mycological ramble looking for mushrooms with several people well versed in mushroom identification. It was quite a bit of fun and even brought home several kinds to eat although they weren't very good tasting. I could see that this could be an interesting hobby if I had time to spare.