Friday, September 7, 2007


This is a common Cyclamen (probably C. persicum) we bought from the grocery store last fall and is blooming again. We managed to keep it alive through the winter and planted it outside in the spring. This is the only one to survive out of several. It is frost tender so I'll have to pot it and bring it inside again for the winter.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

It looks so happy growing there, such a beautiful green, their leaves are so pretty.

Ki said...

Hi Iowa Gardening Woman,
It seems to love growing between the rocks. I agree that the dark green mottled leaves look great. When I visited Japan some years ago they had a show on the tv about commercial growers getting cyclamens ready for market. The people interviewed were so excited that the cyclamens were almost ready to be sold and could hardly wait. Here they just turn up at the grocery store without any fanfare. Are we missing something?