Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anemone 'Andrea Atkinson'

I bought this Japanese Anemone from Bluestone Perennials but the flower doesn't look much like theirs. Mine is a single petal flower which I don't mind at all and theirs looks to be double petaled but I wish they would label the plants correctly. Maybe it has to grow a bit and hopefully next year's flowers will be more robust and will resemble the one on their website eventually.


DeeMom said...

it is still lovely

Ki said...

Hi Deemom,
Yes it is quite lovely... you can hardly fault the flower. It's just that I expected something else.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

'Andrea Atkinson' is a single, but you chose a good 1 anyway. I've had this cultivar for years, it's great. This year, because of all the August rain we got, it reached over my head. It will most likely never need staking, too. Lovely photo of it.

Ki said...

Hello Mr. McGregor's daughter,

I may have made a mistake in identifying this anemone as 'Andrea Atkinson'. I took a lot of photos of the various anemones in bloom and just the other day I noticed a tag that listed this as a different anemone than Andrea Atkinson though they look very similar except for the longer pistils on this one. I will have to look at the tag again and will post the correct name when I have time. Sorry for the confusion - a state which I am in a lot these days.