Monday, January 14, 2008

Nascent flower bud of the Magnolia Dr. Merrill

Magnolia x loebneri 'Merrill'--Dr. Merrill Star Magnolia


A wildlife gardener said...

Spring is on the way :)

Verena said...

Hi Ki,
seems that everywhere exept in Austria spring is on it´s way :-(! What a pitty!!!
Lot´s of greetings, Verena

Ki said...

Hi A wildlife gardener,
It feels like an early spring this year. At least all the plants seems to indicate so. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Verena,
I'm sure a warm front will sweep in soon and that will be the end of winter. :) Hope to see more pics of your lovely garden. Thank you for the lovely greeting.

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks for dropping by on my gardening blog - we live in Brittany which is Northern France!

Love the picture of the magnolia bud - I've got a couple here but they seem to be taking their time to settle in the garden here.

Will visit again soon... Miranda

Ki said...

Hi Miranda,
Fortunately magnolias grow very well here and the several different kinds we planted are all doing well. It always amazes me that Europe is so much further north than most of the US but the climate is quite temperate. The gulf stream is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog.