Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding heart


Harvest said...

Great photos! I especially like this one. I always wanted to grow some bleeding heart and have just never got around to it. Thanks for stopping by my blog with the great comment about the salamader and the slug!

I noticed that you have advertising on your other blog, if you get a chance drop me an e-mail or leave me another comment . . . I am currious if those adds pay you back enough to make their presence worth while . . .

Thanks again!

Ki said...

Hi Harvest,
The bleeding heart grows so vigorously that you have to be sure to give it plenty of room. I've had to hack some back because of its rampant habit. Pretty flowers tho.

The ads are obtrusive and I have yet to collect any money from it (adsense pays you when you have a $100 balance) after 3 years! But the money trickles in or should I say treacles in as in molasses and hopefully I'll get some money in a few all depends on how many people click on the ads google places in your blog. Why not get paid for doing something you love doing? At this rate I'm probably earning about a nickle an hour or less ;)

Anthony said...

My bleeding heart grows really slow. It's barely a small bush after 3 years so I'm surprised at your comments. I must be doing something wrong.

Great picture! Can I ask what kind of camera you use?

I'll chime in regarding Adsense too. Garden Blogging is not a high paying niche for advertisers so Adsense earnings aren't great on Garden Blogs.

But you're right, why not get paid $0.05/hour for doing something you love.

Ki said...

Hi Anthony,
We just plant the bleeding heart in a semi-shaded spot and it turns into a monster of about 3 feet high and as wide. Luckily it dies back in the late summer. We have the pink and a white variety and they both display this uncontrolled growth. Maybe yours in in direct sunlight?

I've used a variety of point and shoot digital cameras. An old 3 megapixel Olympus C-3000, an old 3mp Nikon Coolpix 3100 and now I just bought a Panasonic 5mp DMC-LZ2. It has an image stabilizer which really works so I should be able to take better photos especially macros in the future. Often I find that it's windy and hard to have either the subject or myself taking handheld macros; ending up with many blurred photos. Not so with the image stabilizer. And the Panasonic focuses down to less than 2" similar to the Nikon. The Oly macro was only good for 8" from the subject-hardly a macro but a very good camera otherwise with full manual controls which I never used.
Thanks for stopping by and for the adsense comment.